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The UltimaX 5051 is a table top processor which can easily be installed into a small space.

Maximum performance on minimum footprint

The UltimaX 5051 is a table-top processor equipped with highly performant technology. It can be easily fitted into a small space, still guaranteeing maximum image quality. The UltimaX 5051 is ideal for low-volume radiology and provides consistent, high-quality processing of film with a maximum width of 36 cm.

Furthermore, the UltimaX 5051 may serve as an ideal back-up for your regular processor.

Superior performance

Thanks to the infrared dryer, superior drying performance is obtained together with low power consumption and a low noise level. To ensure consistent high- quality images, the bath temperature is controlled electronically.

Compact and time-saving

Due to the clever location of the replenisher tanks, the position of the film delivery slot and the boomerang system, which brings the processed film on top of the processor, its floor space is minimal and access is easy. The exclusive UltimaX 5051 light-tight cover design allows you to leave the darkroom after approx. 15 seconds. You don’t need to wait until the film completely entered the processor.

Automatic Film Processor- Technical Specifications and Parameters

With the high-temperature, high-speed developing and fixing bath, the machine can be used to develop high-temperature x-ray film continuously.

It’s main technical specifications and parameters are:

Film Specifications:

  1. Standard film: single piece (127X177~356X432mm) 5”X7”~14”X17”)
  2. Special sized film: Maximum width B max= 355mm, Minimum Length L min=127mm
  3. Film variety: high-temperature film


Developing Parameters: 

specifications/ number/time (second)

5"X7"    (two rows)


11"X14"   10"X12"

12"X15"  14"X14"









Liquid Capability: Developing tank -6 liters, fixing tank-6 liters, washing tank-6 liters, each replenishment tank- 25liters


Water Consumption: about 2 liters/min


Power Supply: AC220V, 50/60HZ


Input Power : 2KW


Outlook Size: L-880mm X W-580mm X H-500mm


Net Weight: 60kg

Automatic X-Ray film Processor